100% Pure Makes $100k in Sales in 30 Days after Automating Retargeting with Shoelace

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100% Pure wanted to re-engage with the audience who had left their store without making a purchase.

Using Shoelace’s automation tools, they were able to mimic an email drip campaign with Facebook ads to produce a unique sequence of timed messages that told the story of the brand, while minimizing ad fatigue. Within the span of 30 days, the brand reached over 88,000 potential customers and made over $100,000 in sales.

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By the Numbers

  • 1.6% Ad Conversion Rate

  • 10x ROI

  • $100K in Sales from Shoelace

Seeking a Way to Increase Sales and Re-Engage Past Site Visitors

Like a lot of Shopify store owners, 100% Pure’s team wanted to re-engage with the audience that left its store without making a purchase. In addition, the Pure team wanted more traffic, more people coming to their store.

At the time, the team was using Facebook ads to build campaigns that targeted their ideal audience, and Mailchimp campaigns to re-target their audience via emails. Fortunately, people already liked 100% Pure’s brand from the get-go: There was tons of engagement – reactions, likes, comments, shares – on their posts, even on their ads! The key, then, was to get more people talking and liking 100% Pure’s Facebook and Instagram content more often. This way the ads could be pushed on to their audience’s friends’ newsfeeds, introducing 100% Pure to an even bigger audience of potential buyers.

But, they didn’t want to inundate their customers and potential customers with more of the same ads.

So the team was stuck — how could they reinforce their brand and product offerings, and widen their reach, without annoying their customers?

Enter Shoelace.

Telling 100% Pure’s Story with Shoelace’s Customer Journeys and Mailchimp Campaigns

Shoelace helped 100% Pure build, run and monitor retargeting campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. While 100% Pure’s Facebook ads, were quite effective by themselves, they were able to take their campaigns to the next level with Shoelace’s industry-leading Journeys feature.

Journeys borrows from the email marketer’s playbook and allows Shopify stores to run automated drip campaigns with its Facebook and Instagram Ads. This way, instead of showing the same ad for months on end and fatiguing them, Shoelace’s retargeting ads 100% Pure’s customers a sequential series of dynamic product ads and static image ads over a period of 7 – 10 days after their visit to the store.

Shoelace also customized each customer’s Journey to what they did on 100% Pure’s site. For example, the ads could feature a product they had viewed in the store, or based on whether or not they’d added a product to their shopping cart. So rather than talking at their customers, 100% Pure’s retargeting ads invited them to take part in the conversation that was already happening. This way each customer received a more personalized experience with the brand. At the same time, this maximized 100% Pure’s ad spend and ROI – win-win!

In addition to Journeys, the 100% Pure team has also been making full use of Shoelace’s Mailchimp integration. Now, whenever 100% Pure sends a Mailchimp campaign to a specific segment, it can also re-target those people on Facebook and Instagram automatically.

According to Christopher Tran, 100% Pure’s Front End Developer and eCommerce Ninja,

“Shoelace has taught us to take advantage of our mailing list since customer tends to forget to visit our store after opening our newsletter. This ensures our customer are reminded to come back to us when the are on Facebook/Instagram. It’s really great how Shoelace automatically grabs image assets from our MailChimp account and serves the same thing on Facebook/Instagram Ad.”

This feature turned out to be a huge unexpected bonus for Chris’ team. He says,

“This automation has saved our Creative team great amounts of hours! We like to start our Shoelace email retargeting campaign 2 days after a newsletter is sent out. Our ROI has been really good as this campaign made sure no stone was left unturned!”

Same Ad Spend, Better Results with Time-Saving Automation

Since partnering with Shoelace, 100% Pure has been able to increase post reactions from 1087 to 3,087, post comments from 29 to 84, post shares from 28 to 50, and page likes from 78 to 429, while spending a similar amount in ad dollars pre-Shoelace.

Within the span of 30 days, 100% Pure saw over 1,000 purchases in their site and made $108,824 in sales, while spending spent just over $10,000 for ads.

“Shoelace’s strength has been in their ability to think out of the box and innovate on how ads are presented to customers. Where other ad agencies mainly focuses on commissions of ad spend, Shoelace focuses on the return on investment on your ad spend.”

Christopher Tran

Front End Developer & eCommerce

100% Pure

About 100% Pure

100% Pure creates healthy products for the body and also for the environment. All 100% Pure formulas are free of harmful toxins that are commonly found in other cosmetics. In addition, their corporate offices in San Jose, California are run by 100% solar energy; their company is 100% electric; their pure, biodegradable formulas are packaged in post-consumer recycled plastic, glass, soda cans, paper, and labeled with biodegradable non-toxic vegetable ink; and they love animals, too – 100% Pure is completely cruelty-free and charitable towards animal welfare.

100% Pure’s mission is to create the healthiest cosmetics made with the highest quality ingredients.

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