[Now Live] Google Analytics for Shoelace: Making Your Ad Experiences Even Smarter

Reza Khadjavi Reza Khadjavi | CEO at Shoelace

Integrating Shoelace with Google Analytics is free, easy, and adds enhanced e-commerce segmentation to your retargeting campaigns

Here at Shoelace, we’re committed to building integrations with leading e-commerce apps and tools that will boost the performance of your retargeting campaigns. That’s why we are happy to announce our latest integration with Google Analytics.

Free for users with Shoelace and Google Analytics, this integration helps Shoelace deliver more precise, targeted ad experiences to your audience segments.


Why Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool offered by Google to help you analyze your website traffic. An absolute must for any growing e-commerce brand, Google Analytics tracks and records the activities of the people who visit your site, along with the attributes, such as age, gender, interests, of those users.

Additionally, when you set up the E-commerce Tracking feature in Google Analytics, you gain valuable insights on how website usage data like sessions, bounce rate traffic source/medium and landing pages, impact your online sales. This information helps you understand the performance of your website landing pages and marketing campaigns. It also helps us optimize the performance of the retargeting campaigns we build for you.


How it works

Once you integrate Google Analytics with your Shoelace account, we’ll pull your store’s traffic data straight from Google Analytics to create your Journey proposals and optimizations. Google Analytics will also filter out annoying bots, so the numbers we use for your retargeting reflect the real people on your site.

We even turn on Google’s Enhanced E-commerce by default – this gives us (and you!) even more data to build Journeys that are specific to your e-commerce store audience.

When you integrate Shoelace with Google Analytics, our team can make better data-driven decisions around your Journeys and deliver:

  • Smarter recommendations
  • Better campaign performance, and
  • Improved budget optimization


Start delivering smarter ad experiences

So, what do you need to unlock the power enhanced segmentation? Head over to the Shoelace app in Shopify and connect your Google Analytics. Then you’re on your way to supercharging your retargeting ad experiences.

If you need help figuring out what to do, check out this detailed walkthrough in our help center or give us a shout at [email protected]. And of course, if you ever get stuck, our supportive Customer Success team is just one dashboard click away.

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