How M2S Bikes Became a Premium, 7-Figure Brand in Less than 3 Years

m2s bikes

After a successful crowdfunding campaign, M2S Bikes needed a way to keep the sales rolling in.

Facing volatile traffic numbers and low conversions for their premium offerings, M2S turned to Shoelace to help get their products in front of potential customers, and generate a reliable and scalable sales funnel.

By the Numbers

  • 10x ROI
  • 80.6% Stores Sales from Shoelace
  • 0.1% Conversion Rate

Not Just Another One-Hit Crowdfunding Wonder

When Eric Crews first started M2S Bikes, he’d raised $95,000 from various crowdfunding campaigns and shipped his first bikes in last 2016. When the initial buzz of a successful crowdfunding campaign faded, however, Eric scrambled to find a way to continue selling his premium electronic bikes. He says, “The biggest challenge we faced was not only driving traffic to our site, but in getting conversions. Because our bikes are fairly high priced, most customers don’t purchase on their initial site visit.”

Because they were initially getting 0.1% conversions, they needed to get their brand in front of potential customers multiple to stand a chance of winning the sale. They needed a retargeting strategy.

More Than Just Empty Promises

After doing some research into various retargeting platforms, Eric was drawn to Shoelace’s rave reviews and the promises of high ROI. So he decided to take Shoelace for a test run.

Over time, Eric found that Shoelace more than delivered on the hype – his ads started getting over 10x returns on his ad spend. And on top of the consistent sales from his retargeting campaigns, he also found that Shoelace’s integrations saved him a lot of time and made it easy to run ads and retarget his potential customers.

Now, whenever he sends a Mailchimp email newsletter, Shoelace automatically creates a similar campaign to retarget his list on Facebook and Instagram. And with his Yotpo integration, Eric’s retargeting ads now feature stellar reviews from his previous customers, that provide iron-clad social proof to his potential customers.

“What we’ve really enjoyed in working with Shoelace is just how easy it was to get started and begin seeing results. The suggested ads and retargeting campaigns were all really helpful initially and we quickly learned to say ‘Yes’ to most all offers that came our way.”

Eric Crews, Founder of M2S Bikes

Shoelace Retargeting: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

After Eric saw the initial results from his retargeting, he started pouring more into his ads. He says, “It was so successful that we were regularly bumping into our ad spend limits before upgrading to a higher priced plan. Since then we’ve continued to see great return on investment and are excited about continuing to scale up our marketing efforts with Shoelace.”

And when the time came to commit to a retargeting partner, the question wasn’t even Who should we go with? Instead it was, How do we scale Shoelace up?

Today, Eric is on Shoelace’s Scale plan and is pretty much hands-off with his retargeting, except for occasional checks of his dashboard. With the automated retargeting that Shoelace does for him behind the scenes, Eric is now free to work on other parts of his booming business, and to strategize on scaling his company.

“As an entrepreneur it is easy to try and do everything when it comes to running a business. With Shoelace it’s nice to know that we have a team of people working behind the scenes to optimize our ad campaigns to ensure that we are getting the best value and a great return on investment. The end result is that it frees us up to work on creating new content and handling customer service because we know that our retargeting campaign through Shoelace is rock solid and provides great results.”

Eric Crews, Founder of M2S Bikes

About M2S Bikes

“M2S Bikes is an electric bike company specializing in pedal assist electric bikes designed to make cycling fun and easy regardless of the types of terrain you may encounter on your journey. We started the business in 2015 and slowly developed our product line until summer 2016 when we officially launched our brand. Since then we’ve had a very positive response to our bikes and have really enjoyed hearing about how people are using them to get out and enjoy the areas where they live.”

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