New Integration: Shoelace + Back in Stock

Shoelace + Back in Stock
Ellen Nyarko Ellen Nyarko | Product Marketing at Shoelace

Supercharge your Back in Stock emails with Shoelace retargeting

We are excited to announce our integration with Back in Stock — an app that makes it easy for your customers to sign up for back in stock email alerts. When a product is sold out, customers can sign up to receive an email alert as soon as the item is restocked and Back in Stock makes the whole process seamless.

With the holidays around the corner, your products are going to be flying off the shelves! So naturally, many visitors are going to land on product pages where they won’t complete a purchase because the item they are interested in is out of stock.

The Shoelace + Back in Stock integration helps you make the most of the upcoming holiday madness to maximize sales from prospects who expressed interest in a product that was out of stock.

How Does the Integration work?

Shoelace syncs-up with your Back in Stock alerts and when an email goes out to a subscriber list to notify them of a restocked product, Shoelace auto-creates a retargeting campaign targeting those same prospects with an ad that features the product that you just restocked.

Pretty cool, huh?

What’s even cooler is that because the prospects on these ads are hyper-targeted it will cost very little to advertise to this audience. Generally, these are going to be audiences of several hundred people or less per campaign. But since they have all expressed strong interest in the featured product, the ROAS (return on ad spend) we’ve been seeing on these campaigns are kind of extraordinary.

Here’s an example of a beta campaign we ran with Shopify Plus merchant 100% PURE.

Yep, you are reading these ROAS numbers correctly. It makes sense when you think about it though:

  • Targets a tiny but highly relevant audience group
  • Naturally ad spend total will be low as audience size is small
  • Returns will be strong and these prospects are highly motivated

How Do I Set It Up?

  1. Make sure you have both apps installed.
  2. From the settings page in Shoelace, hit “Connect to Back in Stock”.
  3. Leave the rest to us!

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