How Astral Gains Bootstrapped to 8x ROAS in their First Month

Astral Gains needed a simple way to convert their site visitors into paying customers. As a new store in the crowded health supplements market, they decided to take Shoelace’s automated sequential retargeting app out for a test run.

They hit the pavement manually driving traffic to their store, and ended making over 8x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) in the first month they were in business.

By the Numbers

  • 400 Average Monthly Traffic
  • 4.3% Conversion
  • $55 Average Order Valueย astral gains logo

Astral Gains Wanted to Turn their Site Visitors into Paying Customers

Like a lot of new stores, when Oli Maitland and Alex Moisii decided to launch Astral Gains in 2018, their biggest problem was converting site visitors into customers.

“It was frustrating seeing users come and go without making a purchase,” Moisii recalls.

Because of this, they started looking around the Shopify App store for a tool that made retargeting easy for them and fit into their bootstrapped business model.

They Tested Out Low-Cost Automated Sequential Retargeting

“We come across Shoelace and, to be perfectly honest, at first the video was what attracted us to it. It seemed that Shoelace could make retargeting easy for us. Not to mention the available options with a monthly low cost,” Moisii says.

Although Moisii and Maitland weren’t sure if Shoelace would actually work for them, being on Shoelace’s $49 Standard Plan meant they could test out the app and run sequential retargeting campaigns with a low ad spend and a low monthly subscription rate.

With this plan, Astral Gains has a Multi-Ad Journey campaign made up of a Dynamic Product Ad and a Winning Product Ad. Their ads run for 7 days, and t he daily spend is optimized automatically.

Astral Gains’ Hard Work Pays Off 8 Times Over

astral gains campaign

Fortunately, the app started showing results for Astral Gains almost immediately after they set things up.

Since they started, Astral Gains have made over 8x more than their ad spend.

When asked how they would advise new stores build up their traffic, Moisii says, “The strategy we used was hard work. We used every hour of the day to promote our website and brand everywhere you can think off. We got all our friends to share on social media, we went door to door at local health shops and created credibility and awareness.”

“One month down the line, we still rely on Shoelace for our retargeting and we couldn’t be any happier. We are growing fast and shoelace is responsible for 25% of our growth this month. ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ”.”

Alex Moisii

Managing Director

Astral Gains

About Astral Gains

Astral Gains is a concept created by two visionaries, Oliver Maitland and Alex Moisii, designed to champion the benefits of ancient secrets in modern day supplements.

The business prides itself on providing the safest and most premium mind supplements available on the market today. Our mission is to help people improve their health utilising Mother Nature’s most precious minerals. We use the finest raw materials and the latest, state-of-the-art technology to create powerful, life-enhancing products of the highest quality.

The business was created following the founder’s own positive experience with their researched supplements to increase mental, and physical performance and after two long years of testing various alternatives and experiencing their effects, their first product โ€“ the gold potion โ€“ launched in 2018.

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